Process Essay: How To Avoid Cyber Bullying

The internet is used in several ways. It is used for research, entertainment, communication, and so much more. With the rise of the internet, there is also a rise in online problems. A common problem online is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the act of insulting, harassing, threatening or bad mouthing a person or a group of people online. It can lower a person’s self-esteem or worse, it can cause that person to commit suicide. Cyber bullying usually happens in chat rooms and social networking sites. Some cyber bullies go to the extent of making hate sites for the person or group of people that are being targeted (“What is Cyber Bullying,” n.d.). Cyber bullying, a prevalent problem in the internet, can be avoided in several ways.

One way of avoiding cyber bullying is by keeping your personal information private. A person is more likely to be a victim of cyber bullying if his or her information is available to the public. It is important to only share personal information to those people whom you really know.

Another way of avoiding cyber bullying is by the “Stop, block and tell” method. Once you realize that you are becoming a victim of cyber bullying, stop it before it worsens. Block the cyber bully and tell an adult about it or, if it a threat to your life, inform the authorities (“Take a Stand Against Cyber Bullying,” n.d.).

Cyber bullying can also be avoided by googling yourself. Search yourself in any search engines of the internet once in a while to see if there are information about you, may it be true or not, that are exposed and can be seen by other. The internet is a big world so once an information about you is publicized, it can travel to places.

Cyber bullying can be harmless fun but it can turn into a serious problem if not controlled. As users of the internet, you should be sensitive to the feelings of others and not do anything foolish in the internet that can ruin a person’s reputation. It is also not enough to just avoid cyber bulling. You must prevent it too by not patronizing hate sites and stopping it at once.


I enjoyed writing this essay because, not only did I like my topic, but I am also very passionate about it. Through my research on cyber bullying, I was able to have a understand it in a deeper context and I realized how it can become a big problem. I wanted to make people aware about this issue that is why I chose the same topic for our Sociology class. I like how my essay turned out. It is both informative and entertaining. I could have improved on the way I organized it though. I think that I still need to work on that field and in making my essays more coherent so that it can have a greater impact on people.


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